Pension Talblick

The Rabanser Family - Guesthouse owners and passionate hosts

Each member of the Rabanser family works hard to offer their guests an unforgettable stay at the Pension Talblick in S. Pietro

Family means cohesion and stability, tradition and future. That’s why it is so important for us to run a family business. And to remain one. The Rabanser family welcomes you upon your arrival and is there for you when you need advice, have questions or are just looking for a nice chat.

Senior Boss Paul:

„Mit  seinem Humor und seinen Lustigen Witzen bringt er jeden Gast mindestens 1 Mal zum Lachen. Gerne trinkt er mit seinen Gästen einen „Willi“ und empfiehlt ihnen verschiedene Touren und Wanderungen. Viele davon hat er schon selbst erwandert, andere kann er aus den Erzählungen der Gäste oder Kinder weiterempfehlen.“


Gisella is the “good soul of the house.” With her quiet and gentle demeanour, she quickly gets close to everyone’s heart. She does her many little tasks quietly and calmly, and is also happy to take some time to chat with guests.


The son of the house and junior boss, Anton has taken over his parents’ business with much effort and joy. He likes to pamper his guests with home-made cakes and other delicacies for breakfast. If the weather permits, he organises barbecues in the beautiful garden during the warm summer months. From time to time during the winter he prepares a delicious dinner for the guests, letting his imagination and his talent run free. Those who have had the chance to enjoy one of his dishes never stop raving about his gourmet skills.


The daughter-in-law and the other junior boss is the “Jack of all trades”. She welcomes the guests and does her best to respond to all your needs. Responsible for taking care of all the guesthouse’s correspondence, she also does the accounting and takes care of the two children. She loves to chat with the guests and always has a friendly smile.

Hannes und Greta:

The children are the sunshine of the family and bring a great deal of joy to the house.